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Trade News
  Asian Countries Gain Larger Share of Global Clothing Business  4/28/2003
  Mexicoís Factories Shift Gears to Survive; Competing with cheaper products from Asia, the sector is investing in technology and seeking new customers  1/5/2003
  ATMI (American Textile Manufacturers Institute) Press Release  
  China Global Textile Market Informiaton (in Chinese)  
  Office of U.S. Trade Representative News  
  SinoTex news (in Chinese)  

Trade Statistics

  ATMI 2003 US textile and apparel trade data  3/10/2004
  Product Sharing U.S. imports under HTS 9802 by Commodity Group and 8 digit HTS (APPAREL)  3/3/2004
  U.S. Imports for Consumption at Customs Value from China by HTS 2003  2/1/2004
  Cotton and Wool Yearbook  11/24/2003
  EU textiles and clothing trade 2000 ranked by import value  4/26/2001
  ATMI Trade Statistics Collection  
  Bharattextile Global Textile Statistics  
  Canada Trade Data Online  
  China Fabric & Raw Material Price Reference (in Chinese)  
  Cotton Council International  
  Developments in textiles and clothing imports in the EU - 1990 - 2002 (updated April 2004)  
  Developments in textiles and clothing imports in the US - 1990 - 2002 (updated April 2004)  
  EU Trade Online provided by STAT-USA  
  Fiber Organon-Fiber/Textile Production and Shipment Release  
  Interactive Tariff and Trade DataWeb (USITC)  
  NTDB International Trade Information Provided by STAT-USA  
  OECD International Trade Statistics  
  OECD Statistics Portal  
  OTEXA/ITC-Export Advantages (World Country Information)  
  Textile and apparel US import information by category in dollars  
  Textile and apparel US import information by category in units  
  Textiles and clothing trade - salient features - 1990 - 2002  
  Total US Apparel imports by country in square meters  
  Total US Textile/Apparel imports from China in square meters  
  Total US Textile/Apparel imports from HK, K, T in square meters  
  Trade data by OTEXA  
  U.S. Imports of All 6 digit NAICS products under NAICS3 (315) Apparel & Accessories With China (2004)  
  U.S. National and State merchandise exports, imports, trade balances  
  U.S. Trade and Economic Data and Analysis  
  U.S. Trade Online Data provided by STAT-USA  
  USITC Interactive Tariff and Trade DataWeb Log in (USERNAME: asaus; PASSWORD: asaus)  
  WTO International Trade Statistics  
Trade Reports
  Updated non-tariff barriers in the textile and clothing market for selected countries-EU Apparel and Textile Organisation  4/29/2004
  Evolution of trade in textile and clothing trade world-wide - trade figures and structural data  4/10/2004
  Summary of studies and reports on the impact of textiles quota elimination  4/10/2004
  A world without quotas  2/27/2004
  Textiles and Apparel in China: Preparing for Quota-Free Markets in 2005 and Beyond  1/15/2004
  Increasing imports show growing U.S. market  12/12/2003
  Assessment of long-term competitiveness of the Central American textile and apparel industries and need for free trade agreement  12/1/2003
  Assessing the Impact of the Phasing-out of the Agreement on Textiles and Clothing on Apparel Exports on the Least Developed and Developing Countries  11/4/2003
  Textiles and Clothing: What Happens After 2005?  2/5/2003
  Export competitiveness of Indian textile and garment industry  11/1/2002
  Trends in US Textile and Clothing Imports  6/16/2002
  EUís Textile and Apparel Trade  5/20/2002
  The Future Textile Industry: The Future Textile Industry: China and Europe  4/1/2002
  WTO China: Textiles and WTO  2/1/2002
  Opportunities and Strategies for Using E-Commerce in the Textile & Apparel Industries  3/20/2000
  Europe Commission Trade Issues  
  SICE Articles Relating Trade in Goods (Antidumping/ Rule of Origin/ Standards)  
  WTO Textile International Trade Report Source  

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