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Product Sourcing

As a U.S. based direct representive office of China manufactuers, we can assist you to source specific products in China. Hundred of reputable apparel and textile manufactuers provide different types of products according to our clients' demand, and many of them have built a strong partner relationship with our company. With an extended manufacturer resources beside our self-owned manufacturers, we will always try to find the best offer for our clients' specific needs in terms of design, materials, quality, delivery dates and costs.

ASA has the experience, the contacts and the insider's knowledge of China manufacturers needed to help you locate the right suppliers at the right price. Rather than trying to communicate with a manufacturer who knows "a little English", you can deal with bi-lingual (English & Chinese) trade experts who understand both the "Western" and "Chinese" ways of doing business. You can search our product and supplier database to decide who you will contact with, and ASA will assist you in your communication and merchandising process. You can also become a ASA member and publish your product buying offer on our platform for free. In details, our product sourcing will provide you with the following guaranteed service:

  • Help you seek reliable suppliers, quality goods and best price for our customers, and supervise manufacture, delivery etc.
  • Arrange the sample making process and instruct all your suppliers in writing as to how to process your sample dispatches and order deliveries down to the last detail.
  • Source raw materials, products and negotiate prices for overseas clients
  • Delivery of sample pieces and/or production, research of possible alternative fabrics, preventive communication of delays or anticipations of the deliveries, specific verifications during the dying and finishing phases for fabrics or tailoring and pressing for garments.
  • Keep daily contact with your suppliers, tracing production schedule and manufacturing process, inspection, packaging and shipment, and making sure the suppliers are complying correctly with the order instructions and delivery deadlines.
  • Weekly reports for customers, highlighting production status, shipping information, sample status and other customised reports for customers
  • Offer complete follow-up services if required: final product inspection, co-ordination of custom's clearance procedures, shipment and payment procedures.

Our merchandising service are especially provided for small and midium retailers who don't want to invest too much in tasks such as trend analysis, cost comparison, product design and pattern making, pricepoint targets, product assortment, season planning & launch strategy, line presentation, sourcing and replenishment, and worlwide sourcing. We hope to contribute to the development of your own brandnames with our design and merchandising service.

Exporting Agency

Our objective is to minimize the risks that are inherent to manufacturing and importing and reduce your cost and difficulties in dealing with your foreign clients. We always want to establish close relationships with reputable manufacturers and suggest them to our clients. With the expertise in U.S. apparel market and international trade, we will assist you to build your U.S. market share in a short way.

Supplier Evaluation
If you are not sure about your suppliers, we offer supplier evaluation service in the perspective of company credit, company history, product specifications, product quality, production capacity, cost competitiveness, technology and production capability, delivery reliability, manufacturing permits, regulation violation, etc. A detailed evaluation report will be provided to ensure you the compliance, efficacy, safety and stability of your business.
Product Inspection

We will help our clients arrange a series of inspection processes provided by professional Product Inspection Companies. Below are just some examples of the processes we provide to you as a Client:

  • Visual inspections
  • Fabric/Material texture appraisal
  • Color/shade check/verification
  • Measurement check/verification
  • Assortment check/verification
  • Accessories, labeling and tagging check/verification
  • Quantity, packing and marking check/verification
  • Workmanship check as per customers requirements
Order Processing
If you have your own suppliers, we can help you tract and control the whole order fulfillment process (Pre-production, in-process, pre-ship and final inspection) and save your energy and time. We will work just like your office in China or in the U.S. to resolve your problems more efficiently.
Exhibition Assistant
ASA can also represent your company in international trade fair and shows; help you register, present and promote your products, and establish your customer relationships both in China and in the U.S. We will attend the trade fairs absolutely on behalf of you based on the contract, without violating any of your benefits and privacy rights. All related customer and order information will be returned to you completely.
Travel Service
For international buyers who intend to visit china, we will provide travel services and take care of all of the problems out of organizing your buying trips. We will:
  • Arrange your appointments with trustworthy suppliers who have been carefully selected to meet your needs.
  • Carefully schedule appointments with the manufacturers so as to make the most out of the time available.
  • Make all of your travel arrangements, providing you with a car and driver for local trips and train or plane bookings, for longer distances within China.
  • Book you at a hotel you suggest, or select one from a list of hotels where we enjoy special corporate rates.
  • Select a personal representative for you who will prepare your visit beforehand, accompany you during your buying trips and handles the follow-up work all the way through to the final shipping.
  • Help you to negotiate effectively with suppliers for the best prices and terms.
Trade Consulting
The expenrienced maketing and trade experts in our company will provide you with valuable information and analysis in terms of global apparel manufacturing and sourcing strategy, quota and customs information, international trade policy, current international trade data, international trade strategy, apparel consumer profile and trend, specific apparel niche market and retailing market competition. A customized study will be very helpful for you to decide your international marketing stragtegy.
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