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Quota News
[04/30/04] U.S. Textile leaders seek quota extension from Bush
[04/23/04] Global Retailers Prepare for Price Plunge after 2004
[04/20/04] Quota elimination to help local, Chinese textile traders most
[04/16/04] CNNMoney News: Quotas elimination on Jan. 1 means you could be paying less for better apparel
[04/06/04] EU announces increase in textile quotas
[04/05/04] Who take advantages of quota elimination-A competition analysis (in Chinese)
[04/03/04] Post-quota, apparel exports will dip, then zoom
[01/04/04] US Seeks Textile Quota Negotiations With China
[11/27/03] US Textile Quota Criticized by Expert
[11/19/03] China Regrets Decision by U.S. to Limit Fabric Imports
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