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Industry News
Bharattextile Textile News by Country  
Fashion United News Release  
Industry Development
United Kingdom: Local Industry and Market  2/20/2004
A study of the UK Designer fashion sector-Findings and Recommendations  1/26/2003
The Development of Shopping Centres in Europe 2002  12/1/2002
Textile and Apparel Industry in the EU  6/30/2001
EU: Local Industry and Market Information for Member Countries  
EuraTex Country Textile Industry Information  
The European Free Trade Association  
Industry Strategy
Fair defence of the sector in trade negotiations and the promotion of local strategic textile plans  1/2/2002
China Textile and Apparel Industry Reports (please use “EU”, “Europe” or the name of specific EU country as Keyword)  
Market Research Textile and Apparel Industry Reports  
Publications on the Conference “The EU apparel business goes high-tech”  
UK Sector Overview: Clothing, Footwear & Fashion