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Global Sourcing Chain
Creating and Preserving Value in the Textile and Apparel Supply Chain: From Fibre to Retail  1/15/2004
Globalization in the Apparel and Textile Industries: What is New and What is Not?  12/1/2002
The Measurable Costs and Benefits of Globalization: An Economic Analysis  4/7/2002
Global Sourcing in the U.S. Apparel Industry (Gary Geriffi)  8/31/2001
Apparel Sourcing-Emerging Textiles  
China’s Role in a Global Supply Strategy  
DAMA National Sourcing Database  
DAMA Sourcing Database: Sourcing Areas for Apparel and Home Furnishings, Fiber, and Textiles  
EasySourcing for Apparel, Textile & Accessories  
Emerging Trends in the Brick & Mortar Retail Industry  
GlobalEDGE Global Business Knowledge  
Globalization & the Apparel Industry-Sweatshopwatch  
Infomat Global Sourcing Information  
SweatshopWatch Globalization and the Apparel Industry  
The World Textile and Clothing Trade: Globalization versus Regionalization  

Exporter Analysis

Textiles and Apparel: Assessment of the Competitiveness Of Certain Foreign Suppliers to the U.S. (ATMI)  1/22/2003
India’s apparel exports: the challenge of global markets  6/1/2000
Importer Analysis
Apparel: Sourcing in China Post-12/31/04  3/2/2004
Russell Mosteller on Sourcing Strategy and 2005  11/24/2003
Sourcing-The Land of not-China  7/1/2003
The 2003 Clothesource Handbook of Apparel Sourcing