Exporter Costing Worksheet


Reference Info

Our Ref #______________ Customer Reference______________

Customer Info

Name________________ Cable Address_________________


Telex No.__________________

Production Info

Product______________ Dimensions_______*_______*______

No. of Units ___________Cubic Measure _________ (sq. in.)

Net Weight____________ Total Measure________________

Gross Weight__________

Product Charges

Price (or cost) per unit _________ * Units ______ Total _________

Profit (or markup) per unit _________ * Units ______ Total _________

Sales Commissions________________

FOB Factory_____________________

Fees-Packing, Marketing, Inland Freight __________________

Freight Forwarder_______________________

Financing Costs ________________________

Other Charges _________________________

Export Packing ________________________

Labeling/ Marking _____________________

Inland Freight to _______________________

FOB, Port City (export packed) ___________________

Port Charges

Unloading (heavy lift) ____________
loading (aboard ship) _____________


Consular Document (check if required) ________________

Certificate of Origin (check if required) ________________

Export License (check if required) ____________________

FAS Vessel ( or airplane) ____________________


Based on ________ Weight____________ Measure

Ocean___________ Air________

Rate____________ Minimum_____________Amount___________


Coverage required __________________

Basis _________________ Rate ____________ Amount _______________

CIF, Port of destination