China - USA Quota Classification (Year 2004)

Categories numbered in the:

200 series are of cotton and/or man-made fiber
300 series are of cotton
400 series are of wool
600 series are of man-made fiber
800 series are of silk blends or non-cotton vegetable fibers

Group 1
Cat.DescriptionUnitConversion Factor to m2
USA 200Sewing thread and yarnKG6.60
USA 218Of yarn of different colourM21.00
USA 219DuckM21.00
USA 222Knit fabricKG12.30
USA 224VPile and tufted fabricsM21.00
USA 226Cheesecloth / BatisteM21.00
USA 237Playsuits, etc.DOZ19.20
USA 239Infants' apparelKG6.30
USA 300/301YarnKG8.50
USA 313SheetingM21.00
USA 314Poplin and broadclothM21.00
USA 315PrintclothM21.00
USA 317/326TwillsM21.00
USA 326SateensM21.00
USA 331Gloves and mittensDPR2.90
USA 333M/B suit -- type coatsDOZ30.30
USA 334Other M/B coatDOZ34.50
USA 335W/G coatsDOZ34.50
USA 336DressesDOZ37.90
USA 338O/339Oknit shirts and blousesDOZ6.00
USA 338S/339Sknit shirts except Tank & TeeDOZ6.00
USA 340M/B shirts, not knitDOZ20.10
USA 340ZM/B yarn -- dyed shirtDOZ20.10
USA 341W/G shirts and blouses, not knitDOZ12.10
USA 341YW/G yarn -- dyed shirtDOZ12.10
USA 342SkirtsDOZ14.90
USA 345SweatersDOZ30.80
USA 347/348Trousers, slacks, and shortsDOZ14.90
USA 349/649Brassieres & other body supporting garmentsDOZ4.00
USA 350/650Robes, dressing gowns, etc.DOZ42.60
USA 351Nightwear and pajamasDOZ43.50
USA 352UnderwearDOZ9.20
USA 359CCoveralls, overalls, jumpsuits etc.KG8.50
USA 359VVestsKG8.50
USA 360PillowcasesNOS0.90
USA 360PPillowcasesNOS0.90
USA 361SheetsNOS5.20
USA 362Bedspreads and quiltsNOS5.80
USA 363Terry and other pile towelsNOS0.40
USA 369SShop towelsKG8.50
USA 410Wool fabricM21.00
USA 410AWoolen fabricM21.00
USA 410BWorsted fabricM21.00
USA 433M/B suit -- type coatsDOZ30.10
USA 434Other M/B coatDOZ45.10
USA 435W/G coatsDOZ45.10
USA 436DressesDOZ41.10
USA 438Knit shirts nd blousesDOZ12.50
USA 440Shirts and blouses, not knitDOZ20.10
USA 440MM/B shirts, not knitDOZ20.10
USA 442SkirtsDOZ15.00
USA 443M/B suitsNOS3.76
USA 444W/G suitsNOS3.76
USA 445/446SweatersDOZ12.40
USA 447M/B trousers, slacks, shortsDOZ15.00
USA 448W/G trousers, slacks, and shortsDOZ15.00
USA 611Woven fabrics containing 85% or more by weight artificial stapleM21.00
USA 613SheetingM21.00
USA 614Poplin and broadclothM21.00
USA 615PrintclothM21.00
USA 617Twills and sateensM21.00
USA 631Gloves and mittensDPR2.90
USA 633M/B suit -- type coatsDOZ30.30
USA 634Other M / B coatDOZ34.50
USA 635W/G coatsDOZ34.50
USA 636DressesDOZ37.90
USA 638/639knit shirts and blousesDOZ14.00
USA 640M/B shirts, not knitDOZ20.10
USA 641W/G shirts and blouses, not knit,DOZ12.10
USA 642SkirtsDOZ14.90
USA 643M/B suitsNOS3.76
USA 644/844W/G suitsNOS3.76
USA 645/646SweatersDOZ30.80
USA 647M/B trousers, slacks, and shortsDOZ14.90
USA 648W/G trousers, slacks, and shortsDOZ14.90
USA 651Nightwear and pajamasDOZ43.50
USA 651BBlanket sleepersDOZ43.50
USA 652UnderwearDOZ13.50
USA 659CCoveralls, overalls, jumpsuits etc.KG14.40
USA 659HHeadwearKG14.40
USA 659SSwinwearKG14.40
USA 666Other FurnishingsKG14.40
USA 845Sweaters of non -- cotton vegetable fibersDOZ30.80
USA 846Sweaters of silk blendsDOZ30.80
USA 863SShop towelsNOS0.40

Group 2
Cat.DescriptionUnitConversion Factor to m2
USA 332HosieryDPR3.80
USA 359OOther cotton apparelKG8.50
USA 459Other wool apparelKG3.70
USA 659OOther man -- made fiber apparelKG14.40

Group 3
Cat.DescriptionUnitConversion Factor to m2
USA 201Other yarnsKG6.50
USA 220Fabric of special weaveM21.00
USA 224Pile and tufted fabricsM21.00
USA 225DenimM21.00
USA 227Oxford clothM21.00
USA 369OOther cotton manufacturesKG8.50
USA 400Wool yarnsKG3.70
USA 414Other wool fabricsKG2.80
USA 469Wool manufactures, nspfKG3.70
USA 603Yarn containing 85% or more by weight synthetic staple fiberKG6.30
USA 604Yarn containing 85% or more by synthatic synthetic staple fiberKG7.60
USA 618Woven Cellulosic filament fabricM21.00
USA 619Polyester filament fabric, less then 170 gram per SM.M21.00
USA 620Other non -- cellulosic filament fabricM21.00
USA 624Woven man -- made fiber fabric, containing more than 15% but less then 36% woolM21.00
USA 625Poplin and broadclothM21.00
USA 626PrintclothM21.00
USA 627SheetingM21.00
USA 628Twills and sateensM21.00
USA 629Other MMFM21.00
USA 669OMan -- made fiber manufactures, nspfKG14.40

Group 4
Cat.DescriptionUnitConversion Factor to m2
USA 852UnderwearDOZ11.30