China - EEC Quota Classification (Year 2004)

EEC 1cotton yarn, cotton sewing threadKG
EEC 22yarn of synthetic staple fibers sewing thread of synthetic staple fibersKG
EEC 23yarn of staple artificial fibersKG
EEC 115flax or ramie yarnKG
EEC 163gauze and articles of gauze put up in forms or packings for retail saleKG

EEC 2woven fabrics of cottonKG
EEC 2Awoven fabrics of cotton, other than unbleached and bleachedKG
EEC 3woven fabrics of synthetic staple fibersKG
EEC 3Awoven fabric of synthetic staple fibers,other than unbleached and bleachedKG
EEC 117woven fabrics of flax or ramieKG
EEC 136Awoven fabrics of silk, other than unbleached, scoured or bleachedKG

EEC 4men's or boy's shirts, knitted, T-shirts, singlets, knitted lightweight fine knit roll, polo or turtle nexk jumpers and pulloversPC
EEC 5jerseys, pullovers cardigans waistcoats anoraks, anoraks, knitted windcheaters, wind -- jacket, knittedPC
EEC 5Acashmere sweatersPC
EEC 6trousers and breechesPC
EEC 6Sshorts, woven, men's & boy'sPC
EEC 7blouses, shirts and shirt -- blousesPC
EEC 8men's or boy's woven shirtsPC
EEC 12panty hose, tights, stockings socks knittedPR
EEC 13underpants and briefs, knittedPC
EEC 14men's or boy's overcoats, raincoats, car--coats, capes, cloads etc. WovenPC
EEC 15womens' or girl's overcoats, raincoats, car--coats, capes, cloaks etc.woven women's or girl's jacket and blazersPC
EEC 16men's or boy's suits and ensembles. Woven (excluding ski suits)PC
EEC 17men's or boy's suittype jackets and blazers (excluding ski suits)PC
EEC 26dressesPC
EEC 28trousers, breeches, knittedPC
EEC 29womens' or girls' susits or ensembles, wovenPC
EEC 31brassieresPC
EEC 78overall, coverall, bib & prace overall, woven garments, made up of fabric of 5903.05906.0and 5907.other garments, wovenKG
EEC 83overcoats, capes, cloaks, knitted jackets and blazers (suittype), knitted ski suits, knitted other garments, knittedKG
EEC 156womens' or girls' blouses and pulloversof silk, knittedKG
EEC 157overcoats, jackets and blazers, anoaks, shirt, bathrobes, sweaters, knittedKG
EEC 159woven dresses, blouses, shawls, mufflers and ties of silkKG

Other made-up articles
EEC 9terry towellingKG
EEC 20toilet linen and kitchen linenKG
EEC 20/39bed linen, table linen, toilet and kitchen linen, wovenKG
EEC 97fishing nets and other made up netsKG
EEC 118bed linen, table linen, toilet and kitchen linen, woven, of flax or ramieKG
EEC 122sacks and bags for the packing of goods of flaxKG